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About - Knight Sterling

Knight Sterling

Energy is a highly demanding, competitive market; Knight Sterling delivers the edge and the expertise its clients need to succeed.


Knight Sterling is a European physical oil and refined products brokerage and trader, delivering a differentiated service engagement, one rooted in trust, integrity and shared goals. Through the skill and experience of our team, Knight Sterling has evolved to become a trusted provider of crude oil, refined products and gas for our partners around the world. 


We are proud of our partnership with many of the world’s leading producers and refiners, which ideally positions us to work with you for the trade or brokerage of crude oil, refined products and gas.


Discretion is key and through the hard work and dogged determination of our team, many of whom are stalwarts of the Oil and Gas Industry, we have built and maintain a reputation for Trust, Integrity, Effectiveness and we hope Differentiation.

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