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Knight Sterling has the ability to match
opportunity with need. 


Whether it is to support a producer in the sale of product or a Buyer seeking to acquire, Knight Sterling has the reach, influence and ability to enable a transaction to occur, either trading the product or bringing together two willing parties within a trusted environment.


Tasked by a Buyer, Crude Oil can be obtained from multiple locations around the globe to match the specific specification, volume and terms required.

Knight Sterling will also work with Producers to speculatively identify Buyers able to proceed for a given product or cargo. 


Knight Sterling works with Refiners and Buyers to marry need with opportunity for supply. Typical products are EN590 and Jet A1, although its ability to supply is not limited to these refined product sets.


Increasingly Knight Sterling is requested to source Term supply contracts for NG and LNG. Product can be sourced from Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

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